Our Story



Allow me to introduce myself. I am a breast cancer survivor on a mission to make the road to recovery a tad bit easier for fellow cancer patients.  I know all too well about the struggles and challenges faced after a devastating diagnosis. I was 37 years old and a newlywed trying to start a family when I received the life changing news.  Over the span of a year, I endured a misdiagnosis, 17 rounds of chemo, 2 surgeries, IVF treatment, cold cap therapy, discrimination in the workplace, anxiety, and depression.  Ever since ringing the bell to mark my final chemo treatment, I felt a strong desire to give back and pay it forward to the cancer community in some form or fashion.  So, I channeled my own experience and created Leaping Love as a passion project to turn a negative experience into a positive one by providing support for patients and their caregivers. My ultimate goal is to spread joy and comfort, promote advocacy, and remind cancer patients that they are not alone.

Leaping Love has been made possible because of my amazing family, friends, and medical staff.  I want to thank you all. This endeavor is an outlet for me to pay all the love and support that you have given me forward to others.

The Story Behind Our Name

While in the waiting room for my first oncology appointment, I noticed an intricate lamp with a frog on it and then again walking down the office hallway I saw a framed frog picture.  Throughout that same week, I saw frogs daily - on TV, in the grass, in a book, on clothing, random places everywhere. I casually mentioned the reoccurring sightings to my nurse, and she told me that F.R.O.G. stands for “Fully Rely On God.”  I had never heard of that reference but fully embraced it. I began to research frog symbology and learned that frogs signify good luck, transformation, cleansing, and healing all of which resonated with me during such a traumatic time in my life. The frog sightings continued to a point that it was not coincidental. I embodied this creature by wearing green, donning my favorite frog blanket given to me by a good friend, and painting my toenails green for my chemo treatments. The trend caught on at the hospital and I became known as “The Frog Lady.” My surgeon even drew a frog on my abdomen below her surgical markings prior to my surgery. Friends, family, and medical staff all wore green to my bell ringing ceremony to celebrate my last day of chemo milestone. The frog became my spirit animal, my source of solace, and gentle reminder that I was not alone in my fight. When I began creating my company name and logo, I felt compelled to include a subtle nod to my amphibious friend in hopes that it would pass along the same comfort, luck, and healing to others.